Man's Relentless Search
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Whether we’re using ancient weapons or modern scientific developments, apparently the goal is just about the same as it was. That is, if you can throw enough stuff, if you can hit hard enough against an obstacle, if you can press home far enough, man is evidently that you will meet somebody. And in Scientology, without any such extraordinary measures, we have finally met somebody.

Man’s relentless search was, where is he? His search, which has continued over lord knows what length of time, has consisted of simply this: Where is he and what is he doing and what is he going to do? Always the other fellow. What is he going to do? Where is he? What does he consist of?

The facts of the case are very, very elementary. What he was looking for was evidently not easily discoverable because he didn’t think he’d found anything unless he could see it. And what he was looking for was invisible—a thetan—a spiritual being.

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